5 Hidden Benefits of Jump Rope Workout REVEALED by Celebrity Fitness Model!

Celebrity Fitness Model's secret formula for success

1. Want to get "lighter on your feet?". Skip rope every day for a few minutes. Boxers know this.

Why do you think jumping rope is a favorite exercise for the best boxers in the world?

2. It's Good For Your Brain. We know that exercise (even as little as 20 minutes) is good for the brain.
Turns out the very best workouts for brain health involve coordination, rhythm, and strategy. So the next time you're jumping rope, challenge yourself to try some jump rope tricks.

3. The medium impact of jumping rope increases bone density.. It isn't as hard on the joints as running because both legs can absorb the impact.

4. Very few exercises burn calories like jump rope. Work your jump rope exercise into three 10-minute rounds and you're looking at 480 calories in half an hour.

5. Rope jumping is still one of the most affordable fitness options out there . Even runners need to fork it over for high end shoes. But jump ropes? Even a top-of-the-line jump rope is only $20. Very simple (but good) ropes can be purchased for as low as $8-10. And, depending on the surface you jump on, a rope should last you a while.

Celebrity Fitness Model and Mother of two says less is more when it comes to conditioning workout. Her new product is top rated with super speed ball bearing that can help you master new tricks and look like the pros.

Is there anyone out there who hasn't seen a jump rope before, or used the beaded ropes back in PE class?

She says it's time to re-think the jump rope. And her new line of speed ropes is leading the way.The Link Laces brand is a revolution in the way we condition our bodies," she says. The product is not only for "fitness enthusiast" like me alone but folks who love their body.

Join The Jump Rope Revolution.
We’ve come a long way from the beaded ropes from PE class. Modern fitness ropes come with ball-bearing handles, ultra-fast cables and easy sizing systems.."

I was fat and feared too much. Yep, I was once. I feared too much to burn my fat. I was lazy and needed something simple like the the new product we are launching:Boomstick Color: It’s an all-in-one stain for eyes, cheeks and lips that’s so much fun."

"There is also pressure in Hollywood to have a beautiful and fit body," said Aniston.
And also understand that our industry demands are high, but don't over-do-it. Less is always more with conditioning exercises and is kinda awesome for our body and fitness.

I was tired of spending countless hours walking on treadmills with no result. I had bought plenty of expensive cardio equipment to help me shed the weight but rather,it only pilled on more debt. In frustration, I joined expensive fitness programs and bought all the expensive equipment in the market. But, these new line of product are not expensive at $12.95 each and sold only on Amazon.

The biggest workout mistake I see a lot of people make is not having any plan or desired goal,” she said. More is not better when it comes to working out. That goes hand in hand with the thinking that you are burning more fat with more exercise; which is not true

“Using the whole maze of gym equipment (just because its there) doesn't mean you need them. Set a goal, layout a plan and do the workout. That's it...It's easy. Why not try using a jump rope workout.

Be focused and consistent and you will see results that won't hurt your credit.

My career and work with celebrities didn't hinder my home. I married early, had two kids and began my fitness line of products in San Francisco about 3 years ago, after working with top celebrities and brands.

“I was a classic California flower child,” she says. “I went to Haight Ashbury on the weekends, the Fillmore West, the Avalon Ballroom. I was at the center of it all. People still ask me to this day: ‘Are you from San Francisco?’ ”

I’d done makeup for two decades and when I created this line, I created what I would want in my own kit,” she says. “I wanted to do a line that was not about hiding, but was about revealing.” The overall effect, she says, is a dewy, glowing face.

“When somebody says to you, ‘Wow, Wish I had your type of body and shape? ’ That’s successful workout.”
Try her Celebrity fitness Speed Jump Rope By Link Laces Today, You'll love it!

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